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Business Topics Typing Test

Broaden your knowledge of business topics and terminology as you test your typing speed with this free business topics typing test. Observe how your typing skills improve as your business vocabulary becomes part of your muscle memory! Over 30 business topics available.

If you don't like a test prompt, you can get a different (random) prompt with the "change test" button - or select a business topic to type from the list below. To find out how fast you type, just start typing in the blank textbox on the right of the test prompt. You will see your progress, including errors on the left side as you type. In order to complete the test and save your score, you need to get 100% accuracy. You can fix errors as you go, or correct them at the end with the help of the spell checker.

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Personalized Feedback

This feedback graph will follow you from page to page for your typing session. You can see more details by mousing over the graph. The session is reset when the tab on your browser is closed.

Select a Business Typing Test:

Click on a topic to use it as your test prompt. Selections are ranked according to difficulty from '*' (easiest typing tests) to '*****' (most challenging typing tests). For more details, check the difficulty key at the bottom of the page.

  • Short typing tests for beginners: (1 - 3 minute typing test at < 30 wpm)

    • The Gregg Reference Manual: A ... (47.6 words, 2.911 difficulty score)
    • Informal and formal communicat... (82.0 words, 6.137 difficulty score)
  • Intermediate typing tests: (3-6 minutes at 40 wpm)

    • Businesses serve as conductors... (96.8 words, 3.911 difficulty score)
    • Marketing is defined by the Am... (113.4 words, 3.468 difficulty score)
    • Brand management is a function... (147.6 words, 3.149 difficulty score)
    • Manufacturing is the productio... (151.0 words, 2.959 difficulty score)
    • Cooperative: Often referred to... (155.2 words, 4.016 difficulty score)
    • A limited liability company. "... (163.4 words, 2.721 difficulty score)
    • Business communication encompa... (164.0 words, 5.877 difficulty score)
    • Where two or more individuals ... (166.0 words, 1.991 difficulty score)
    • A business owned by multiple p... (166.8 words, 4.108 difficulty score)
    • The role of analytical CRM sys... (167.6 words, 3.155 difficulty score)
    • Sole proprietorship: A sole pr... (177.2 words, 3.533 difficulty score)
    • Marketing practice tended to b... (177.4 words, 5.232 difficulty score)
    • Many businesses are operated t... (190.6 words, 3.330 difficulty score)
    • Limited liability companies (L... (191.2 words, 3.875 difficulty score)
    • Virtually any medium can be us... (197.8 words, 4.681 difficulty score)
    • A very detailed and well-estab... (200.2 words, 3.177 difficulty score)
    • Public relations specialists e... (202.0 words, 5.225 difficulty score)
    • Finance is a field that deals ... (210.0 words, 4.159 difficulty score)
    • A business (also known as an e... (213.4 words, 2.457 difficulty score)
    • Agriculture, such as the domes... (218.8 words, 4.381 difficulty score)
    • A style guide (or manual of st... (218.8 words, 3.663 difficulty score)
    • The Associated Press Stylebook... (219.4 words, 3.757 difficulty score)
    • Financial services businesses ... (224.2 words, 4.912 difficulty score)
  • Challenging typing test for advanced typists: (4 - 5 minute typing test at 60+ wpm)

    • A company limited by guarantee... (249.6 words, 2.485 difficulty score)
    • The study of consumer behaviou... (253.4 words, 5.140 difficulty score)
    • Public relations (PR) is the p... (279.6 words, 3.951 difficulty score)
    • Advertising is an audio or vis... (310.6 words, 3.716 difficulty score)
    • Advertising increased dramatic... (329.0 words, 3.696 difficulty score)
    • Another significant trend rega... (347.4 words, 2.382 difficulty score)

    If you have would like to see a topic added to the list above, please feel free to contact us with your suggestion for a new business typing test.

    Typing Test Difficulty Levels

    Our typing tests are ranked on level of difficulty. The algorithm to calculate difficulty depends on the average word length and how many special characters like capitals, numbers and symbols are included in the text. Most standard pre-employment typing tests will be in the normal range. You should expect to get higher wpm scores on easier tests and lower wpm scores on the more difficult tests.

    • * Very Easy Typing Test
    • ** Easy Typing Test
    • *** Normal Typing Test
    • **** Difficult Typing Test
    • ***** Very Difficult Typing Test