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Typing Speed Drill: Most Common English Words

This typing test is based on a randomly selected words taken from a lightly curated list of 300 of the most common words in the English language. Typing the most commonly used words helps increase your typing speed and is a great way to start your daily typing practice.

One of the secrets to fast typing is maintaining a rhythm as you type. Typing these common, and typically short words helps you develop a faster rhythm. If you start your day with this typing drill, then you will be setting a quicker pace for the rest of your typing practice.

Most Recent Scores

  • a (59 wpm)
  • a (57 wpm)
  • a (57 wpm)
  • xof (40 wpm)
  • ije (38 wpm)

Top Scores (last 7 days)

  • TSS (148 wpm)
  • HOLLA (143 wpm)
  • zsc (122 wpm)
  • hdc (106 wpm)
  • pxt (104 wpm)

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