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Typing Lesson 31: [ & ] Keys

This typing lesson will teach you the [ and ] keys. These keys are know as "square brackets" and are used extensively in some programing languages to denote an item's position in an array. Square brackets are also common in articles where text has been added to clarify the original author or speaker's intent, such as clairfying who he, or what it is. They are also used for footnotes or to indicate mistakes in original copy [sic]. If you already know the keyboard, try our our programming drills or symbol drills for more relevant practice exercises.


  • Begin with your fingers on the home row.
  • The '[' key is above the ';' key and to the right (use your right pinky finger), stretch up hit it.
  • The ']' key is above the ';' key and a little further to the right(use your right pinky finger), stretch up to hit it.
  • image of keyboard with square brackets highlighted
  • Once you learn where these keys are, try to type them without looking at your fingers. Scroll down if needed to type the following:
  • When you feel confident you can type these keys without looking, go on to the next lesson.

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