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Practice typing by warming up with these typing drills for speed and accuracy. Each typing practice exercise consists of a list of words (or sentences) to type that relate to a specific topic or typing skill to get your mind and fingers ready to tackle longer typing tasks, whether that is a day at work, a pre-employment typing test, or just the rest of your daily typing practice.

Improve your weak keys with numbers, symbols, or specific letter drills.

Pangrams (or holoalphabetic sentences) are sentences that contain every letter of the alphabet. Practice typing alphabetic sentences to work on your speed and accuracy for less common letters like 'q' or 'z'. Use these typing tests to discover your weakest keys. You can practice your weak keys with the letter drills or typing lessons which are suggested when you complete each test.

For advanced typists we also offer number sentences and symbol sentences to practice the numbers and symbols on the top row of your keyboard.

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Build your typing skills with special career-oriented vocabulary lists.

Many typing jobs today require more than just fast fingers. These typing practice drills were designed to help you feel more comfortable with industry-specific vocabulary in order to do better with in interviews and on the job.

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