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Free Online Typing Test Practice and Data Entry Exercises from The Practice Test

Free Typing Drills Online

Warm up with these typing drills for speed and accuracy. Practice typing these short typing tests. Each typing practice page consist of a list of words (or sentences) to type that relate to a specific topic or typing skill to get your mind and fingers ready to tackle longer typing tasks, whether that is a day at work, a pre-employment typing test you are preparing for, or just the rest of your daily typing practice.

Typing Drills for Accuracy

Improve your weak keys with numbers, symbols, or specific letter drills.

Typing Pangrams

Pangrams (or holoalphabetic sentences) are sentences that contain every letter of the alphabet. Practice typing pangrams can help you work on your speed and accuracy for less common letters like 'q' or 'z'. A pangram typing test is a good typing test to discover your weakest keys. When you finish the test you will get links to typing drills that can help you improve those weak keys.

Misspelled Words

Typing commonly misspelled words will increase your typing accuracy and improve your spelling at the same time!

Symbol Sentences

This tests combines numbers, letters and symbols to give you a workout that covers all of the unique challenges of typing symbols.

Number Sentences

Typing these alphanumeric sentences will increase your speed and comfort level with the number row on the keyboard.This numeric typing test is scored in words per minute(wpm). If you are looking for a similar test that scores in keystrokes per hour (kph) try our Address Data Entry Drills.

Typing Drills for Speed

Typing Drills for Beginners - Letter Drills:

A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

Commonly Used Words

Typing the most commonly used words helps incease your typing speed. Modern list of 300 most common words based on Google search data.

Typing Practice in for Most Common Words in Other Languages:

Spanish Word Typing Drills

Practique escribir con palabras comunes en español para estudiantes de español.

French Word Typing Drills

Pratiquez la frappe avec des mots français courants pour les étudiants de langue française.

Italian Word Typing Drills

Esercitati a scrivere con parole italiane comuni per studenti di lingua italiana.

German Word Typing Drills

Tippen Sie mit deutschen Wörtern für deutsche Sprachschüler ein.

Portuguese Word Typing Drills

Pratique a digitação com palavras comuns em português para estudantes de português.

Indonesian Word Typing Drills

Berlatih mengetik dengan kata-kata umum Indonesia untuk siswa bahasa Indonesia.

Build your typing skills with special career-oriented vocabulary lists.

Many typing jobs today require more than just fast fingers. These typing practice drills were designed to help you feel more comfortable with industry-specific vocabulary in order to do better with in interviews and on the job.

Business Terms

Practice typing business terms to increase your speed with business topics and expand or review your business vocabulary at the same time.

Legal Terminology

Practice typing legal terminology to increase your speed with legal terms and expand or review your legal vocabulary at the same time.

Medical Terminology

Practice typing medical terminology to increase your speed with medical terms and expand or review your medical vocabulary at the same time.

Pharmacy Terminology

Practice typing these pharmacy terms to increase your speed with these prescription abbreviations while learning or reviewing the definitions.

Technical Jargon

Practice typing technical jargon to increase your speed with technical material and expand or review your technical vocabulary at the same time.

Programming Code

Practice typing programming code to increase your coding speed by typing symbols and keywords common in many programming languages.