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Numeric Typing Test (wpm)

Typing these alphanumeric sentences will increase your speed and comfort level with the number row on the keyboard.This numeric typing test is scored in words per minute(wpm). If you are looking for a similar test that scores in keystrokes per hour (kph) try our Address Data Entry Drills.

Typing numbers can be extra challenging because you have to go up two rows from the home row, and depending on the size of your hands, you may not be able to keep the rest of your fingers on the home row when you do. Try to keep at least one finger resting on a home row key. Many of the mistakes in typing numbers are made in the letters immediately following the number because you have not gotten your fingers back to the home row before you continue typing.

Most Recent Scores

  • qob (28 wpm)
  • sdt (24 wpm)
  • pca (63 wpm)
  • jov (66 wpm)
  • rha (68 wpm)

Top Scores (last 7 days)

  • er (122 wpm)
  • jjw (101 wpm)
  • clj (99 wpm)
  • kcu (98 wpm)
  • upk (95 wpm)

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