The Practice Test for Typing and Data Entry

Dvorak Touch Typing Lessons: Learn to Type Dvorak

The Dvorak typing system was developed to make it possible to type faster than with a standard QWERTY keyboard. The increased speed is supposed to come from a decrease in the distance your fingers have to move between keys. It is also supposed to reduce repetitive stain injuries like carpel tunnel. There is some debate about whether or not these claims are true. However, the world speed record for typing was set using a Dvorak keyboard.

With the Dvorak system, the vowels are all on the left side of the home row. The remaining home row keys are the most common consonants. About 70% of the keystrokes end up being on the home row as opposed to 50% with a QWERTY keyboard.

You can change your keyboard by setting up your system preferences to include the Dvorak keyboard layout and then switch between keyboards with a keyboard shortcut. (See detailed instructions on our help page.)

If you are already familiar with how to type you can chose to jump into any of the the practice lessons where you are weak. We also have some alphabetical sentences that you can practice with too discover which keys you need the most review and practice with...and additional letter drills that use the full keyboard.

Before you begin these typing lessons you should discover where the 'shift', 'backspace', and 'del' keys are. These keys will allow you to type capital letters and correct errors as you type.