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Typing Accuracy Drill: Commonly Misspelled Words

We chose the misspelled words typing practice for our primary typing accuracy drill because these words are some of the easiest to make mistakes on - especially if you are not paying attention to the copy! Your muscle memory plays a role in both typing and spelling.

Eliminate common typing errors with these typing accuracy drills based on commonly misspelled words. Misspelled words typing practice can build your muscle memory to improve both accuracy and speed. To get the most out of this typing practice drill be sure to type slowly and focus on your accuracy. When you type so fast that you begin making errors you are building muscle memory to make mistakes! So take a deep breath, be calm and type as slowly as you need to type these words correctly.

Personalized Feedback

This feedback graph will follow you from page to page for your typing session. You can see more details by mousing over the graph. The session is reset when the tab on your browser is closed.

Accuracy Key:

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The Practice Test Commonly Misspelled Words List:

abrupt, absence, absorbent, absorption, abundance, academic, accede, accelerate, accept, acceptable, access, accessible, accessory, accidentally, accommodate, accommodation, accompanying, accomplish, accomplishment, according, accumulate, accurate, accuse, ache, achieve, achievement, acknowledge, acknowledgement, acoustics, acquiesce, acquaint, acquaintance, acquire, acquit, acquittal, across, activities, actual, address, adjacent, adjournment, admissible, admittance, adolescent, advantageous, advertise, advertisement, advice, advise, aeronautics, affect, affiliate, aficionado, aggravate, aggression, aggressive, airplane, aisle, a lot, alignment, all right, all together, allege, allot, allotted, allotment, almost, alphabet, already, alter, although, altogether, aluminum, always, amateur, amateur, amendment, among, amphibian, analysis, analyze, anecdote, anoint, answer, antarctic, antidote, antiseptic, anxiety, apology, apostrophe, apparatus, apparent, apparently, appearance, appointment, applied, approach, appropriate, architect, arctic, argue, argument, aroused, arraign, arrangement, article, ascend, asinine, asphalt, assassination, assignment, assistance, asterisk, atheist, athlete, athletic, athletics, attack, attendance, attitude, attorneys, auctioneer, audible, audience, author, autumn, auxiliary, aviator, a while, awful, awkward, axle

bachelor, balance, ballot, banana, bankruptcy, banquet, barbarous, barbecue, basically, basis, battalion, battery, beautiful, becoming, before, beginning, behavior, believe, believable, believing, bellwether, beneficial, benefit, benefited, berserk, bicycle, bizarre, breath, breathe, brilliant, broccoli, brochure, brought, budget, bulletin, buoyancy, bureaus, business

cafeteria, calendar, camouflage, campaign, canceled, cancellation, candidate, cantaloupe, canvas, capital, carburetor, career, careful, Caribbean, carrying, cartilage, cashier, catastrophe, category, caught, ceiling, celebrate, cemetery, census, certain, challenge, changeable, characteristic, chauffeur, chauvinism, cheerfulness, chief, chili, chocolaty, choose, chose, chosen, citizen, clientele, clothes, coincidence, coliseum, collateral, colleague, collectible, college, colonel, colossal, column, comfortably, coming, commemorate, commitment, committed, committee, companies, compel, competence, competition, competitor, completely, comprehension, concede, conceive, concern, condemn, confident, congratulations, connoisseur, conscience, conscientious, conscious, consecutively, consensus, conspicuous, contribute, controlled, controlling, controversy, convenience, corps, correspondence, correspondent, corrugated, council, councilor, counsel, counselor, criticism, criticize, curiosity, curriculum, cylinder, cynical

daiquiri, dalmatian, dangerous, deceive, decide, defendant, deferred, deficient, deficit, defiant, definite, definitely, delegate, delinquent, democracy, dependent, deposit, describe, description, desert, desiccate, desperate, dessert, detriment, deterrence, deuce, develop, development, devices

diagnosis, difference, dilemma, diminish, dining room, diorama, diphtheria, disappear, disappoint, disastrous, disbursement, disciple, discipline, discoveries, discrepancy, discuss, disease, dissatisfied, dissipate, distinct, distinguished, divine, doctor, does, doesn't, dominance, dominant, dormitories, drunkenness, during, dumbbell, dying

easily, ecstasy, edition, effect, efficient, eight, eighth, either, eligible, eliminate, embarrass, emigrate, eminent, emphasize, emptiness, encyclopedia, endorsement, enemies, enormous, enough, enterprise, enthusiasm, envelop, envelopment, environment, equally, equipped, equipment, erroneous, especially, eventually, everybody, evidently, exaggerate, exaggerating, exceed, excellent, excess, except, exercise, exhaust, exhausted, exhibit, exhibition, exhilarate, existence, exorbitant, expect, experience, experiment, explanation, extraordinary, extravagant, extemporaneous, extension

facilities, facsimile, Fahrenheit, faithfulness, familiar, families, fascinating, feasible, February, fictitious, fiend, fiery, Filipino, finally, financially, flabbergast, flexible, flotation, fluorescent, forcible, foreign, foreseeable, foreword, formally, formerly, foursome, forthright, forty, forward, fourteen, fourth, franchise, friend, fulfill, fundamental, funeral, further

gaiety, gauge, genius, generally, genuine, gesture, ghost, gigantic, gist, glamorous, gnawing, goggles, gorgeous, government, governor, grammar, grandeur, grateful, gratuity, grievous, grocery, gross, grudge, guarantee, guard, guidance, guttural, gymnasium

handicapped, handkerchief, handsome, haphazard, happened, happening, happiness, harass, harassment, haughtiness, healthy, heartrending, heavier, heavily, hectic, height, helpful, hemorrhage, heroes, hierarchy, hindrance, homely, homogenize, honorary, hoping, horrific, hosiery, huge, humiliate, humorous, hurriedly, hygiene, hypocrisy, hypocrite

incredible, identity, independent, idiosyncrasy, ignorance, illegal, illegible, illiterate, imaginary, imitation, immediately, immense, immigrant, important, inadequate, inadvertent, inaugurate, inauguration, incidentally, increase, incredible, indelible, imaginary, independence, indict, indictment, indispensable, individual, inflammable, influence, ingenious, inhabitant, initiative, inoculate, innocence, insistence, instructor, installation, integrate, intellectual, intelligent, intelligence, intelligent, intercede, interest, interesting, interfere, interfered, interpretation, interruption, intolerance, invariable, inveigle, invitation, irascible, irrelevant, irresistible, irrevocable, irritable, island, issuing, its, it's

jealous, jealousy, jeopardize, jewelry, journey, judgment, justifiable, justified

kernel, kerosene, khaki, kidnapped, kimono, kindergarten, knowledge

labeled, labeling, laboratory, lacquer, language, led, ledger, legitimate, leisure, leisurely, length, lengthening, lesson, lightening, lightning, liaise, liaison, library, license, lien, likable, liquefaction, liquefy, listen, liveliest, livelihood, lieutenant, lollipop, loneliness, loose, lose, losing, lovely, loyalty, luxuries, lying

maintenance, magically, magnificent, manageable, management, maneuver, manual, manufacturer, manufacturing, manuscript, marriage, marshmallow, mathematics, meant, mechanics, medicine, medieval, mediocre, memento, metropolitan, mileage, millennium, millennia, miniature, minuscule, minute, miscellaneous, mischief, mischievous, misogyny, missile, misspell, misspelled, modern, monotonous, moral, morale, mortgage, mosquitoes, movable, murmur, muscle, mysterious

naturally, nauseous, Neanderthal, necessary, necessity, neighbor, neither, nickel, niece, nineteenth, ninety, ninth, no one, nonentity, noticeable, noticing, notoriety, nowadays, nuisance, numerator, numerous

oblige, obstacle, occasion, occasionally, occur, occurring, occurred, occurrence, octopus, official, often, omission, omit, omitted, oneself, onomatopoeia, operate, opinion, opponent, opportunities, oppose, opposite, optimism, optimistic, ordinance, ordnance, origin, original, ought, overwhelming

pageant, paid, pamphlet, pandemonium, pantomime, parachute, parallel, paralyze, parcel, parliament, parliamentary, partial, particularly, past, pasteurize, pastime, pavilion, peace, peaceable, peculiar, peculiarities, penicillin, peninsula, perceive, perform, performance, permanent, permissible, permit, perseverance, persevere, persistent, personal, personally, personnel, perspiration, persuade, Pharaoh, phase, Philippine, philosophy, physical, physician, picnicking, picture, piece, pigeon, pistachio, Pittsburgh, plagiarism, planned, planning, playwright, pleasant, plenitude, political, politician, portrayed, possession, possessions, possible, potato, Portuguese, practical, practically, prairie, precede, precedent, preceding, precious, precipice, prefabricate, prefer, preferable, preferred, preferring, prejudice, preliminary, prepare, prescription, presence, presumptuous, prevalent, previous, primitive, principal, principle, privilege, probably, procedure, proceed, professional, professor, prominent, promise, promissory, pronounce, pronunciation, proof, propaganda, propagate, propeller, prophecy, prophesy, proprietor, psychology, publicly, puerile, punctuation, pursue, pursuing, putrefy

qualities, quantity, quarter, questionnaire, quixotic, quotient, quiet, quit, quite

ransack, rapport, raspberry, realize, really, recipient, receipt, receive, recognize, recommend, recommendation, reconcile, recurrence, reference, referred, refrigerator, regrettable, relevant, relief, relieve, religion, religious, remember, remembrance, reminisce, renown, renowned, repellent, repetition, replies, representative, rescind, research, resistance, resources, restaurant, reveal, reverend, rhapsody, rhetoric, rheumatism, rhubarb, rhyme, rhythm, ridiculous, righteous, rivalry, rotary

sacrifice, sacrilegious, safety, salable, salary, sandal, sandwich, satisfaction, saucer, savvy, scarcity, scene, schedule, scheme, scholarship, scholastic, scientific, scissors, secretary, seize, sense, sensible, sentence, separate, septuagenarian, serial, sergeant, several, shepherd, sheriff, shining, shipment, shish kebab, shoulder, shriek, siege, significance, similar, simile, simultaneous, since, sincerely, sizable, skeptical, sneak, sneer, soldier, sophomore, sorrowful, sovereign, sovereignty, souvenir, special, specifically, speech, specimen, splitting, sponsor, stationary, stationery, statistics, stenographer, stopping, straighten, strength, strenuous, strictly, studying, subpoena, substantiate, subsidy, subtle, succeed, succeeding, success, successful, successor, suddenness, sufficient, suing, summary, superintendent, supersede, supervisor, suppose, surgeon, surely, surprise, survey, susceptible, suspense, suspicious, syllable, symmetrical, symmetry, synonymous

tailor, tangible, tariff, tattoo, tableau, technical, technique, televise, television, temperature, temporary, temporarily, tendency, tenant, tenement, terrible, territory, their, theories, theory, there, therefore, they're, thirtieth, thorough, thoroughly, thought, threshold, through, to, too, together, tomorrow, tongue, toward, tragedy, transferred, tremendous, trespass, tries, triumph, truly, Tucson, two, twelfth, tying, typical, tyranny

ukulele, unanimous, unbelievable, unconscious, undesirable, undoubtedly, uneasiness, unforeseen, unforgettable, unfortunately, unique, unkempt, unmanageable, unnecessary, until, unusual, usable, usage, useful, usual, usually, using, usurer, usurp

vaccinate, vacuum, valleys, valuable, varieties, vaudeville, vegetable, vengeance, vehement, ventilate, veteran, vicinity, vicious, victim, video, view, village, villain, vinegar, visible, visitor, vitamin, volume

waive, waiver, warranty, wave, wealthiest, weather, Wednesday, weird, welcome, welfare, whenever, wherever, whether, which, whole, wholly, whose, witch, withhold, witnessed, wonderful, wrench, writing


yacht, yeoman, yesterday, yield, youngster, you're, your, yours, youth

zealous, zenith, zephyr, zigzag, zinc, zodiac, zoology