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Free Online Typing Test Practice and Data Entry Exercises from The Practice Test

How to Use This Practice Typing Test

Fast, accurate typing is an essential skill for many jobs. The practice tests on this website were designed to help adult job-seekers develop their typing skills.

Starting the Test

After the page loads completely, type the text you see in the box. Scoring starts when you start typing. Untyped text will appear greyed out and turn black as you type it. Errors are shown in red.

What if a symbol is not on my keyboard?

Occasionally, you may get a symbol that is not present on your keyboard. This happens frequently on the typing exercises for languages other than English. It is assumed that those practicing these languages have a keyboard with those characters, or are familiar with how to type the special characters of that language. The only way to type a key not present in your keyboard layout is using the numeric pad with the ALT key + the code for that character.

Once in a while a special character will be overlooked in the text for typing exercises (such as the hyphen or quotes which are often 'autocorrected by word processing software). If you run into one of these characters while taking one of our tying tests, please let us know by sending an email with a copy of the passage you are typing and the exercise you found it on to karen@thepracticetest.com so that we can fix the text.

In the meantime, if you encounter one of these characters you can either copy and paste (one or two characters at a time) or refresh the page to get a different test to type.

How to switch between Dvorak and Qwerty keyboards?

First, you need to add the Dvorak keyboard layout in your system preferences. Open the system preferences and select the keyboard.

system preferences panel on Mac

You will see a list of current keyboards you have setup. To add a new keyboard, press the '+' key under that list. From there you can find the Dvorak layout.

get list of keyboards available on Mac

We are using the standard/generic Dvorak layout with our lessons.

select desired keyboard(s) from list

Finally, to toggle between keyboards, use the control and spacebar.

keyboard shortcut to switch between dvorak and qwerty

The backspace key is sending me to another page!

This is a 'feature' of Firefox (and possibly Internet Explorer). They intended it as a shortcut key, but it can be annoying as well. If you would like to turn this shortcut off in Firefox you can type 'about:config' into your browser address bar. There is a scary message about voiding your warranty, ignore it. There is a huge list of features and you need to find the one that is called: 'browser.backspace_action'. The default value is 0, double-click on the 0 and change it to any number 3 or higher, then the backspace will not do funny things to your browser. (1 will make it scroll and 2 will do other stuff, but only in some versions.) BE CAREFUL NOT TO CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE.

All other problems or suggestions

Sometimes our tests break. This is usually caused by the high score data becoming corrupted. If you encounter a test that does not load, please drop us a line at karen@thepracticetest.com so we can reset the test scores and get the test back up as soon as possible.