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VIN Number Data Entry Test

This intense alphanumeric typing practice is for the most challenging part of the CritiCall test - the VIN number - 17 characters long with a mixture of letters and numbers. This is for the most advanced alphanumeric data entry practice.

Most Recent Scores

  • wvu (4890 kph)
  • cum (7980 kph)
  • mjel (5790 kph)
  • mjel (4830 kph)
  • yly (7860 kph)

Top Scores (last 7 days)

  • myb (11730 kph)
  • kyc (11070 kph)
  • NOT BAD NOT GOOD (10890 kph)
  • THERE WE GO (10710 kph)
  • YUP (10560 kph)

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