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Improve your Data Entry Skills with The Practice Test

Practice for employment tests like the ProveIt or CritiCall data entry exams with these alphanumeric data entry tests, scored in kph (keystrokes per hour).

We have two types of data entry practice pages. The first is similar to our typing tests except that they are scored in kph (keystrokes per hour) instead of wpm (words per minute). These tests are typed straight through with only a space between fields.

The second type are form-based, and intended to mimic the type of data entry screens you might see on pre-employment tests, or while working in a data entry job. On these tests you will need to tab between fields as you are entering the data. On the CritiCall test the prompts will not match the order of the fields you are to enter, so you must also match the data to the right field as you type.

Data Entry Practice Tests

This site started with the CritiCall practice test and its challenging alphanumeric data entry scored in kph (keystrokes per hour). The CritiCall test is for those seeking a job as a 911 operator or emergency dispatcher. Some of the challenges you will face on this data entry test are all caps, very long (17characters!) VIN numbers, and prompts that appear in a different order than the fields they are intended to be typed into. This practice test was designed to practice these challenging aspects of the CritiCall test. Data entry is only one part of the Criticall test, to learn more about the other parts, check the Official CritiCall Preparation Guide

The ProveIt data entry test is a basic data entry test often given to prospective call center employees for technical service or customer service jobs.. This practice test was built to help practice your data entry skills and get familiar with the test format.

CritiCall Practice Test

ProveIt Practice Test

License Number Test

Additional Alphanumeric Practice

These alphanumeric typing exercises can help you improve your data entry skills by practicing the keys on the number row. The street address practice is a relatively easy material while the VIN number drills provide the most advanced alphanumeric typing test specifically to help improve your score on the CritiCall test.

For more practice with alphanumeric typing, try our wpm number drills. Or, if you need a little extra review, take a look at our typing lessons for the number keys.

Vin Number Practice

Street Address Practice

Money Drills

Number Typing Drills

Number Typing/10-Key Practice

These number only typing exercises will give you some intensive practice typing numbers. We chose to use types of numbers common to data entry forms you are likely to encounter on the job: phone numbers, zip codes, and credit card numbers. All the numbers on these tests are randomly generated. These tests are also appropriate for 10-key practice.

Zip Code Practice

Phone Number Practice

Credit Card Drills

More About Data Entry

Our data entry typing tests are scored in kph (keystrokes per hour). While typing speed is important, it is only one skill in the field of data entry. General typing tests are usually long blocks of text with few, if any, numbers -- such as a dated letter. Data entry tests are often much more number intensive. Some data entry is exclusively numbers and is often easier using a 10-key pad. Other data entry is alphanumeric, mixing numbers and letters. Examples include street addresses, license numbers, etc. For test that use this type of data, like the CritiCall or ProveIt data entry tests, you need to be able to get a good score using the numbers on the standard keyboard. These drills were created to help you improve your speed and accuracy with this type of number-heavy material.

What is a good score? Many data entry jobs require 10,000 kph or higher. These jobs use tests like ProveIt to measure your speed. On the CritiCall test you will find much more difficult information to type (as well as some multi-tasking activities that interrupt your typing). I've seen passing scores reported between 2500-5600 kph, depending on where you are taking the test. In both cases, the best way to find out what the minimum passing score is is to ask the specific company or organization you hope to get a job with. You can also get a good idea what good scores are by checking out our high scores on individual tests, you will see that the top scores vary by the difficulty of the test. These are the best typists on the website, and not the score you will need to pass an employment test.