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ProveIt Data Entry Practice Test

This is a very basic data entry test, similar to the prove it data entry test. Click 'start test', then enter the information into the form next to the prompts. It will allow you to practice typing alphanumeric data into a form. You can monitor your keystrokes per hour as you type. If you have the 'show errors' checked then unfinished or incorrect fields will be highlighted to help you locate your mistakes.

When you finish entering the information on the left side of the screen into the form, click on "Next Record". When you want to finish your practice, click on "End Test" to stop the timer and see your final keystrokes per hour. This data entry test is designed for practice to help you prepare for pre-employment tests like the ProveIt alphanumeric test, it is not intended to be an exact replica of the test.

Show Errors

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