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Typing Lessons: Learn the Keyboard

Whether you are trying to learn data entry or typing, one of the keys to becoming a fast and accurate typist is learning the keyboard. By learning how to touch type (type without looking at your fingers) you can double or triple your typing speed. These typing lessons are designed to teach you how-to type without looking as quickly and easily.

Each typing lesson focuses on just two keys so that you will have plenty of time to learn the new keys before you move on. Each successive lesson will use the new keys along with the most or all of the keys from previous lessons. If you are learning to type for the first time, then you will want to practice the lessons in the order presented.

We start out these typing lessons with some vowels so that we can get into practicing words faster than most lessons. This should make your typing practice more fun, and you will see your speed and accuracy increase faster once you start typing real words and sentences as well.

If you are already familiar with how to type you can chose to jump into any of the the practice lessons where you are weak. (We also have some alphabetical sentences that you can practice with too discover which keys you need the most review and practice with...and additional letter drills that use the full keyboard.)

Before you begin these typing lessons you should discover where the 'shift', 'backspace', and 'del' keys are. These keys will allow you to type capital letters and correct errors as you type.

keyboard with color-coded keys for the QWERTY system of touch typing lessons