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Data Entry Practice

Typing speed is only one skill in the field of data entry. While typing tests are generally long blocks of text with very few numbers, such as a dated letter, data entry tests are often number intensive. Some data entry is exclusively numbers and is often easier using a 10-key pad. Other data entry, such as the CritiCall test require a mix of numbers and letters that make it difficult to pass without being extremely familiar with the numbers on your keyboard. These drills were created to help you improve your speed and accuracy with this type of number-heavy material.

CritiCall Practice Test

This site started with the CritiCall practice test and its challenging alphanumeric data entry scored in kph (keystrokes per hour). The CritiCall test is for those seeking a job as a 911 operator or emergency dispatcher. Some of the challenges you will face on this data entry test are all caps, very long (17characters!) VIN numbers, and prompts that appear in a different order than the fields they are intended to be typed into. This practice test was designed to practice these challenging aspects of the CritiCall test. Data entry is only one part of the Criticall test, to learn more about the other parts, check the Official CritiCall Preparation Guide

Typing VIN Numbers

This intense alphanumeric typing practice is for the most challenging part of the CritiCall test - the VIN number - 17 characters long with a mixture of letters and numbers. This is for the most advanced alphanumeric data entry practice.

Typing Zip Codes

These random zip codes are displayed in zip+4 format (#####-####) and are the easiest 10-key practice we have. You can practice your data entry skills using either 10-key or standard keyboard on this test.

Typing Money Amounts

Moderate alphanumeric data entry practice with random money amounts. This typing test includes "$" with the numbers, which will force you to use the keyboard as well as the number pad. You may find that your scores are better if you use only the keyboard.

Typing Phone Numbers

Just a little bit harder, these random phone numbers (###-###=####) can help you practice your data entry skills using either 10-key or standard keyboard.

Credit Card Numbers

For an extra challenge, these random credit card numbers (####-####-####-####) can help you practice your data entry skills using either 10-key or standard keyboard.

Typing Addresses

These random street addresses provide some relatively easy alphanumeic data entry practice. This is a good drill for those who are still beginners at typing numbers with the keyboard.

Number Sentences

For more practice with alphanumeric typing, try our wpm number drills. Or, if you need a little extra review, take a look at our typing lessons for the number keys.